Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 15- June 15: Happy Birthday Russell!

It was Russell’s 21st birthday! And Pub Trivia Night at Lush! To say that my focus on work was less than stellar is an understatement in itself. Looking back, I honestly cannot remember what I accomplished besides more brainstorming for my projects and some blog writing. After work ended I went back to Global Village and took a quick shower. I met up with Russell and John (Tackaberry), it was raining so we decided to take a taxi back to Lush instead of biking or walking. The first taxi that pulled over to pick us up was as sketchy as they come. It was a black van with tinted back windows and no marked taxi sign. We had previously been warned not to get in an unmarked taxi, but it was raining, so we took the risk. The gamble paid off because the taxi driver was as aggressive as they come and actually cheaper than the normal taxi price. At one point he pulled up on the sidewalk to pass a bicycle that was in the middle of the bicycle lane (which he used as his personal highway). Pub Trivia Night was fun, but the crowd was not quite what it had been the Wednesday before. It was awesome to get half off everything with my “Wu Krew” card and after trivia ended we decided to head over to KTV (the Chinese name for Karaoke). We all chipped in and rented a huge room where they helped us set up our personal flat screen television and duo microphone set. Apparently our package also included beer because they filled the table in front of us with bottles and left us to have a great time. Everyone took turns singing and Yuan and Rui even got in on the action with a Chinese duet. The KTV spot made us leave when they closed, but instead of heading home we went downstairs to Club Global to continue the celebration. It was a long night (I got in around 4:00 AM), but fortunately at Pub Trivia Night Rich had told me to come in to work late the next day and to make sure we all had a great time that night. I considered that to be an assignment from my internship, so I made sure we all had a great time celebrating.

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